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Get a Golf Swing Analysis at Travelers’ Sports Zone

June 19, 2019

Visitors to this week’s Travelers Championship golf tournament in Cromwell are invited to stop at the Hartford HealthCare Sports Zone, located between the 15th tee and 16th green.

it’s a great place to take watch from elevated stadium seating in a climate-controlled tent.

Dr. Antonio Fernandez, a Hartford HealthCare sports cardiologist, will tell you more:

Q: Tell us all about the Hartford HealthCare Sports Zone: Where is it and what is happening there?
 We encourage everyone to come and see us at the Sports Zone on the 15th tee and 16th green. We have some of the best views on the course and we’re a great spot to stop and take a break.

We also will be offering:

  • A free, personalized golf swing analysis performed by certified therapists. The providers do a motion analysis where you can learn the mechanics of how your body moves-to show you how to prevent injury and possibly improve your swing while doing so.
  • There is a lot for kids to do too, there’s a photo booth and even customizable golf balls.

Q: What is Sports Cardiology?
A: We are the team dedicated to working with athletes — from professional athletes to weekend warriors — who are at risk for, have been diagnosed with, or are recovering from cardiovascular disease. Together, we can help them continue safely playing their sport.

Q: Who is the right patient for this?
Any competitive athlete, anyone with cardiac symptoms or any abnormal tests. We work closely with the Bone & Joint Institute — we look at the whole athlete and collaborate with our Sports Medicine professionals if they see a problem. It’s a unique program.

Q: What are some of the other services offered for sports cardiology?
We want to see you in the office if you find you have an Abnormal sports screening, abnormal findings on an EKG, echocardiogram, or exercise stress test. We also want to see you if there are new onset symptoms with training or during competition or decline in sports performance.

For a full schedule of the Hartford HealthCare Sports Zone at the Travelers Championship in Cromwell this week, click here.

To learn more about Hartford HealthCare’s sports health programs, visit Mysportshealth.org.